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The Georgia Regency Society invites you to Tea


My name is Stephanie Coté, and I am the founder of the brand new Georgia Regency Society, a chapter of the Regency Society of America. It has been brought to my attention that the members of this group may be interested in joining us for our events so I am here to introduce us and invite you to be a part of the Georgia Regency Society.

We are a group of people who have come together through the love of all things from this era, whether it be the clothing, food, culture, music and dance, literature, or just good company. Our first event is coming up in a few weeks and it's my pleasure to invite you all to join us on December 5th, 2009 for a Regency Costumed Afternoon Tea and Lunch at the Sugarplums Tea Room in scenic Canton, Georgia.

For full details and RSVP information please see the events page of our website. If you'd like to RSVP, or have any questions or comments, please direct them to

Thank you so much, we hope to see you there!

Stephanie Coté
The Georgia Regency Society

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