thechambermaid (thechambermaid) wrote in regencyclothing,

In need of HELP! :(

 I hope I'm doing this right... I just joined LiveJournal two seconds ago to post this.  I also hope this community hasn't completely died and everyone's left it!  I'm absolutely crazy about anything to do with the Regency era, and am dying to have some clothes that look like they're from that period in time.  What I'm going to do with them once I have them, don't ask me, but I feel a passion rising up inside of me and I can't fight it! XD Okay, so that was a little dramatic.  But regardless, I figure that the least expensive way to get these clothes would be to learn to make them myself.  The only problem is, I haven't sewn a thing in my life.  I don't even know where to begin.  Could someone take me under their wing so to speak and point me in the right direction?  I would be forever grateful. :)

- Kelly
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