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Decorative busk Finished!!!

I finally finished the Decorated busk I mentioned in my last post:


I Started by commissioning a friend (Who is a professional Illustrator) to make me some design sketches on tracing paper. Out of the three she made I picked this rose pattern and made a copy. I transferred the pattern onto the wooden busk by poking small holes with an awl, then connecting them with pencil. After that it was a matter of finding well ventilated areas where I could sit and slowly wood-burn the pattern in with a tool like this: . Occasionally I had to re-draw on the pattern because it would smudge. I also had to lightly sand off bits of the varnish that came on the busk once I was done.

I am very satisfied with the finished result, but slightly disappointed I could not get as find of a line with the tool as I have seen on some surviving busks. And again I have to thank akikotree, for being awesome and drawing the design out for me. Go read her comics, they are cute overload.

Next-up for me in Regency Clothing Land is to finally stitch the short stays I cut out a while ago. If I like them I might make another decorated busk. I also want to make a colored petticoat to show through my white dress.

Happy Sewing everyone!
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