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My 1820s gown - in progress

Originally posted by aylwen at My 1820s Gown - in progress
I've been sewing my interpretation of this dress over the past few days, taking photos whenever I remembered.
It has ended up quite challenging - I keep looking at pictures and working out ways to copy, wishing I had the actual dress in front of me.
I am making two versions of this dress - this one is for a client and was supposed to be sewn by machine. My own version was to be sewn by hand and will be finished afterwards. You can follow past research and progress on my blog.
I don't have time to sew the entire dress by hand and wish to use the machine where possible, but I must say that most of it has ended up sewn by hand, and its taking me longer than I anticipated.

Lining up the stripes on the back

Binding the front open edges

Preparing the front detail. It was easier to bind before cutting it out.

Pinning in place 

Close up showing the binding loops

Gathering the centres of the bows

Three more bows to go. 

Side shot with flash showing first bow

Three bows, one to go. The mannequin is too large so the bodice is not sitting well tonight.

18th cent nursing

19th US Corset patterns FYI

These stays, are likely dated to 1820's or later, due to their eyelets (Which I STILL have not found solid dating for when those ivory/bone eyelets were used)
Ohio Historical Society's web-page on them lists a date of 1830
Also they were deaccessioned in 2007!
If you want to see the listing (sans pictures) try clicking this link

Also the child's corset Is dated to 1831
"According to the donor, the item was brought from England to the United States around 1831."
try this link

I did not find the Missouri Historical Society stays on their website

So please consider
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Regency Gentleman's Tailcoat Workshop, 21-22 May 2011

Aylwen Gardiner-Garden is running a 2-day workshop this weekend in Canberra, Australia, teaching how to make a historically-accurate regency gentleman's tailcoat. For more information go to Regency Reproductions. Included in the costs are refreshments and a copy of the newly-released pattern.

You can read about Aylwen's costuming adventures on her blog, History in my Wardrobe.
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1810 Gown from page 158 of The Cut of Woman's Clothes by Norah Waugh.

I probably started this project about two years ago. Tons of school, and three mock-ups later I finally had a finished pair of corded stays last spring. Over the summer I made the rest of the underpinnings and the dress, finishing up around September. This was my first steps into the world of Regency, and I really like it so far :)

You can read the entire saga post by post in my LJ: http://izodiea.livejournal.com/?skip=10&tag=regency

Or, garment by garment under the Cut.Collapse )

New Regency wear and shoot pictures!

There are new items added to the Regency wear page and worn in this new shoot!

More pictures and info!Collapse )

First off a dress called Eliza made out of cotton with a flower print.
Altough you cannot see on this picture, it has a round neckline,puffsleeves with trumpetsleeves and it closes in the back with either buttons or hooks and eyes.
The dress is a little longer in the back then the front and has pleats.

Worn over the dress is a velvet Spencer with a round collar and a peplum.
This spencer has a decorated back and long sleeves with cording and trimming.
The spencer closes in front with hooks and eyes and a buckle.
The bonnet is made out of straw and coverd with lace ,velvet and satin ribbon.
The bonnet can be made upon order.


This dress is a French ballgown and inspired by Josephine and as tribute also called Josephine.
It consist of an Ivory taffeta dress with beige trimming, a square neckline and closing in the back.
Worn over the dress is a mintgreen taffeta train wich closes on the raised waistline with velvet tape and a hook.
The train is embellished with blond lace, beige trimming and faux pearls.

*click on the pictures to go to the website page, change the language from Dutch to English by clicking the English flag on your left*

Photographer: Eline Spek
MUA: Eva van der Horst

In need of HELP! :(

 I hope I'm doing this right... I just joined LiveJournal two seconds ago to post this.  I also hope this community hasn't completely died and everyone's left it!  I'm absolutely crazy about anything to do with the Regency era, and am dying to have some clothes that look like they're from that period in time.  What I'm going to do with them once I have them, don't ask me, but I feel a passion rising up inside of me and I can't fight it! XD Okay, so that was a little dramatic.  But regardless, I figure that the least expensive way to get these clothes would be to learn to make them myself.  The only problem is, I haven't sewn a thing in my life.  I don't even know where to begin.  Could someone take me under their wing so to speak and point me in the right direction?  I would be forever grateful. :)

- Kelly
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