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Regency Stays


I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good pattern for regency stays. I'm looking for something that can be made up in a few days .

Thank you
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NOT the Reconstructing History short stays! Too much finagling and fitting for a quick project.
The Daffodown Dilly Stays Pattern can be ordered through Spencer’s Mercantile:

There is simply a busk - no boning. The fit is somewhat flexible as they wrap around your body and they make up fairly quickly. The most difficult part is putting in the gussets.
Thank you for the link. They have some lovely stuff. It'll be great when they hve everything up on the site! :)
I've made a set of wrap-stays to my own design, and I'll second the ease of assembly on wrap stays in general.
Thanks, I just ordered the pattern.
I don't do stays at all. I did a bodiced petticoat and it gives me the perfect silhouette. I used the La Mode Bagatelle pattern.
I previously made a corset but recently made the LaMode bodiced petticoat, and it's quicker than a corset, and gave me a great fit.
I can't recommend a pattern, but I did not have a good time with the La Mode Bagatelle pattern. It was huge on me -- I think the bodiced petticoat works great for most people, I'm just smaller than average.

If you're comfortable making a muslin and adjusting it to fit, this pattern is free (and great)!