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horizontal stripes?

Hello all! I just found this great community, and maybe some of you could help me with a Regency costuming conundrum:

I have some very pretty and very period-looking roller printed cotton that I'd like to use to make a woman's day dress circa 1810-20, BUT it has horizontal rather than vertical stripes. Now, for the life of me, I can't recall ever seeing a striped dress from this period that had anything but vertical stripes.

So, has anyone here ever seen a fashion plate or existing gown from this era with horizontal stripes?? And if so, could you direct me to a book or website where I could see one?

I thought of just using the fabric sideways, but my mother seems to believe that one should never do that under any circumstances if you want your garment to fit right. Does anyone have any experience in that matter? Does going against the grain really matter that much with plain old cotton calico?

Any and all advice would be much appreciated! :)

Edit: Thanks for all your helpful input! I think I will go ahead and do it sideways. I really want vertical stripes, and that's totally true about border printed fabrics - they use the selvage for the hem, and I've never had any problems using those. I'll go forth and sew with no fear now! :D
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