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New Regency wear and shoot pictures!

There are new items added to the Regency wear page and worn in this new shoot!


First off a dress called Eliza made out of cotton with a flower print.
Altough you cannot see on this picture, it has a round neckline,puffsleeves with trumpetsleeves and it closes in the back with either buttons or hooks and eyes.
The dress is a little longer in the back then the front and has pleats.

Worn over the dress is a velvet Spencer with a round collar and a peplum.
This spencer has a decorated back and long sleeves with cording and trimming.
The spencer closes in front with hooks and eyes and a buckle.
The bonnet is made out of straw and coverd with lace ,velvet and satin ribbon.
The bonnet can be made upon order.


This dress is a French ballgown and inspired by Josephine and as tribute also called Josephine.
It consist of an Ivory taffeta dress with beige trimming, a square neckline and closing in the back.
Worn over the dress is a mintgreen taffeta train wich closes on the raised waistline with velvet tape and a hook.
The train is embellished with blond lace, beige trimming and faux pearls.

*click on the pictures to go to the website page, change the language from Dutch to English by clicking the English flag on your left*

Photographer: Eline Spek
MUA: Eva van der Horst

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